The Jose Maria College, inspired by the principles of its Founding President, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, believes that education is an ennobling force that leads to the enlightenment and transformation of individuals in a society. Thus, the institution directs its goals towards carving every JMarian into a masterpiece through an Assured, Consistent and Quality (ACQ) education.


“To be a premier law school in the country geared towards the promotion of academic excellence, and effective, ethical and socially relevant legal education.”


“To provide students with the highest standards of legal education that will imbue them the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for competent and ethical service in the legal profession.”


JMC College of Law pursues its mission and seeks to achieve its vision by committing to the following goals:

1. We will attract and retain a talented and diverse pool of students who are engaged learners prepared to succeed in today's complex and changing world.

2. We will provide a dynamic educational program that educates skilled, ethical, and visionary lawyers, professionals and leaders in their chosen fields.

3. We will cultivate and nurture a community of engaged teachers, productive scholars, exceptional practitioners, government leaders, and private and public innovators working together to provide a dynamic educational environment.

4. We will strive to promote professional development and career success for all our students.

5. We will ensure that our financial, human, technological, and physical resources support our strategic objectives and competitiveness.

6. We will strengthen and incentivize an institutional culture of professionalism, collegiality, intellectual curiosity, productivity, intercultural effectiveness, transparency, efficiency, collaboration, continuous improvement, and responsibility for outcomes.